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Capitani Srl
Made in Italy appliances
since 1979

Capitani Srl carefully carries out the design, engineering and assembly of its products. Today in particular coffee pod or capsule machines and machines for cleaning and sanitizing; both for home and professional use.

In 1979, to give shape to the founder’s innovative ideas, Capitani Srl was born, an Italian company that designs and manufactures quality household appliances. Owner of the first international patent on the simultaneous use of steam for cleaning and suction, the company has developed to today count 4,000 square meters of production plant in its headquarters in Solbiate con Cagno.

(75) employees, 4 production lines, (100+) collaborators and subcontractors

Over the years the company has maintained the same spirit of innovation and an increasingly careful search for its products of quality, reliability and high performance: characteristics that represent the strong point of the company

Computer 3D

Research and development

Design & Planning

By monitoring market trends and customer requests, Capitani carries out the design and engineering of each new product.

Thanks to modern 3D printers and sintering tools, Capitani can quickly create working prototypes.

Once the goodness and efficiency of the prototype is established, the mould construction phase can begin, followed by validation, technical and commercial pre-series and entry into production

The brewing unit with pre-infusion system, patented in 2006, opens the way to a new important sector that today represents the core business of the company: coffee machines for single portion systems.
In recent years, in addition to having established solid collaborations with large-scale distribution companies and with the most important Italian and European coffee roasters, for which specific highly successful ad hoc machines have been developed, over the years Capitani has continued to offer a catalog
of reliable machines, constantly renewing its aesthetic lines and introducing more and more new features, in accordance with the needs of a coffee consumption experience that is increasingly sought after and appreciated by customers, who have changed together with their lifestyles following the pandemic and whose sensitivity to issues such as environmental protection and product sustainability is very strong. The new machines meet these needs with the automatic extraction of used paper pods, with energy saving functionality, and models capable of brewing two coffees at the same time, as well as other drinks such as cappuccino and chocolate.

Capitani srl is the depositary of the first international patent on steam cleaning + suction technology.
Even now, the cleaning and sanitizing equipment sector is fueled by innovations and cutting-edge products ranging from domestic, hobby, laboratory and industrial cleaning destinations.
Renewed interest and increasing efforts have gone in this direction also following the Covid-19 pandemic. To meet the new needs of the market, Capitani has developed new products intended for the sanitization of the spaces that surround us. Thus was born the SANI AIR, a machine with steam cleaning combined with the new Ozone sanitizing technology and the SANI POWER, a gun that acts against viral, bacterial and fungal loads thanks to the action of dry steam up to 160 ° C.

Production, Quality and Performance

Quality control

Quality Control - Entrance. Each batch of incoming components is systematically checked (AQL table or 100%) performed by the quality control.

CONTROL IN PRODUCTION. During assembly in line, each individual machine is 100% tested

Quality Control - Exit. Once palletized, the machines are tested again (% by sample) by the final quality control. (According to AQL tables)

Structured in 4 production lines + 1 line dedicated to machines for professional use, we can summarize the production cycle in the following phases:

  • Quality control of incoming components (according to AQL tables)
  • Storage of goods in raw material warehouses
  • Assembly of machine components (for example, in the case of coffee machines: boiler, brewing group, electrical resistance, pressure gauge, electronic components, temperature control, etc.)
  • At the end of the line, the machines produced are subjected to testing and rigorous quality controls in accordance with the quality standards and ISO reference standards
  • Packaging and storage in the finished products warehouse
  • Shipment
  • Capitani, only for the pre-assembly of some small components, also makes use of external contractors, subjected to rigorous audit

All products undergo rigorous quality controls and are 100% made in Italy. All true and certified.


100% Made in Italy certificate issued by the National Register of Italian Producers (IT01 system)

ISO 9001: 2015 certificate issued by IMQ International certification network

All our machines comply with CE, REACH, RoH If they comply with EU food compliance regulations. Specific models are UL (USA and Canada), CCC (China), KTL (Korea), NCC Argentina, CB Report certified.

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