Steam is an effective method to eliminate bacteria and mites, combined with the suction power it perfectly cleans any type of surface.

Capitani and Steam technology

The steam, thanks to the thermal shock, eliminates 99% of pollen, germs and bacteria: it kills all micro organisms with a single treatment and, thanks to the combination of the suction power, has a high cleaning and sanitizing capacity

Each machine can be customized with color, with your logo and your company specifications.

Capitani and steam extraction

The Capitani patent that has changed the way of cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces.

The Capitani patent that has changed the way of cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces.
The steam cleaning technology is natural and eco friendly, it does not require detergents or chemicals, used daily it guarantees a deep sanitation of both professional and domestic environments. Steam cleaning, therefore, combined with suction does not require the use of chemical detergents and is ideal for sensitive environments such as clinics, clinics and healthcare facilities as it eliminates allergenic agents.
Unlike a normal and common vacuum cleaner, the steam cleaning of mattresses, sofas, pillows, etc. it is lethal to mites! Thus it solves the problem of an increasing number of people suffering from allergies due to dust mites, which are also the cause of asthma in children and beyond.
It is a natural method of deep cleaning that removes dirt from work surfaces without having to resort to chemical solvents and / or detergents. The high temperature of the steam melts the grease and encrustations in general which are then removed by sucking up the liquid produced by condensation.
Safeguard the planet’s water resources, because the steam produced by high-temperature generators uses only a minimal percentage of water.

A differenza di un normale e comune aspirapolvere, la pulizia mediante vapore di materassi, divani, cuscini, ecc. è letale per gli acari ! Risolve così il problema di un numero sempre più elevato di persone che soffrono di allergie dovute agli acari della polvere, che sono anche causa di asma nei bambini e non solo.

E’ un metodo naturale di pulizia profonda che elimina dalle superfici di lavoro   lo sporco senza dover ricorrere a solventi chimici e/o detergenti. L’alta temperatura del vapore scioglie il grasso e le incrostazioni in genere che vengono poi asportate aspirando il liquido prodotto per condensa.

Salvaguarda le risorse idriche del pianeta, perché il vapore prodotto dai generatori ad alta temperatura utilizza solo una minima percentuale di acqua.

Save effort and clean more

The new range of vacuum cleaners and steam generators at the same time

Choose your model even professional

A complete range dedicated to both professionals and individuals. Capitani lets you choose from well-made products made entirely in Italy. Choose your model and if you want to customize it with your distribution brand.

The pluses of a Capitani product


Ease of use

Colors and customizations


100% Made in Italy

The advantages of steam.

  • • Avoid handling and abuse of detergents
    • It reduces pollution and contamination of the environment
    • It is a natural and inexpensive method
    • Reduces the cost of labor
    • It is more effective than chemical cleaners
    • Speed up cleaning operations
    • Easy and safe to use
    • It uses only the energy of water
    • Eliminates unpleasant odors and improves air quality
    • Reduces water consumption

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