Tailor made
Coffee machines

Request your customized machine

We create your customized coffee machine in terms of shape, function, performance, color and logo!

From simple start / stop coffee machines to the most modern systems with solubles or fresh milk, advanced electronic functions and optimized User Experience on the touchscreen display, Capitani is able to better manage every need of its customers and partners.

The company’s skills and experience can be put at the service of the customer’s needs:

• Developing projects from scratch, based on specific requests
• Giving shape to exclusive designs for the customer, exploiting the functional parts and components of existing models
• Adapting existing models to work with new “closed system” capsules
• Customizing the catalog models with color combinations, decorations, logos, even for small batches

Request your customized machine

We make the cleaning machine customized in your color and with your logo!

We are also able to customize the cleaning machines with the color and positioning of your distribution or company logo. An important service that only a company that realizes everything internally can really have.

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