We introduce the new concept of exclusivity in the production of coffee machines

We make machines according to drawing, color reference and personalize them with your brand

The company’s skills and experience can be put at the service of the customer’s needs:
• Developing projects from scratch, based on specific requests;
• Giving shape to exclusive designs for the customer, exploiting the functional parts and components of existing models;
• Adapting existing models to work with new “closed system” capsules;
• Customizing the models in the catalog with color combinations, decorations and logos, even for small batches.

Introduciamo il nuovo concetto di esclusività nella produzione di macchine da caffè


We produce every single component in Italy
We certify a true 100% made in Italy

Capitani machines are entirely made in Italy, hand made one by one, with 100% Italian components. But not only. Here are all the pluses we are proud of and which have led us to success:
• Line dedicated to machines with technology for energy saving and C02 in respect of the environment.
• Less limescale and less maintenance, reduced to a minimum thanks to the technological heart, designed by our team of engineers.
• MOCA certification (Materials and Objects in Contact with Food).
• ISO 9001 quality management system, in addition to specific product certifications.
• Only noble materials: steel, aluminum and high quality polymers.
• Immediate availability of all made in Italy spare parts.


Each of our models is tested for about a year before being placed on the market, applying continuous improvements until the achievement of undisputed reliability, where we are not afraid of comparisons.


We have obtained all the possible certifications for the various electromagnetic compatibility, mandatory and not, inherent to machines (CE, EMC, IEC CB, IECEE CB), from the world leader in inspection, verification, analysis and certification services.

5-Star Overall Rating

Design slimmer le più piccole con serbatoio cialde


Colors and


100% Made
in Italy

The best to enhance the taste of your coffee

We know how to take care of your coffee

While we observe the espresso that comes down from the spout, we can focus on how it comes out of the machine because even this element that, perhaps, we would be used to considering as mechanical, automatic and therefore not worthy of particular attention, reserves some surprises. In fact, for the coffee to be perfect, the percolation must resemble a mouse’s tail, or honey that slowly slips from a teaspoon. Only if we observe this effect, we could be sure, already at this stage of coffee preparation, that the result will be perfect.

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