Steam generator

Unilux is a steam generator for cleaning the whole house without the use of detergents and chemicals.
The power of the steam dissolves dirt eliminates polluting micro-dust, degreases the most stubborn grease, neutralizes dust mites.
Thanks to the large capacity of the boiler (3 liters) and the adjustable temperature (from 4 to 5 bar) and the SANI Power 180 lance, use can be extended to cleaning bars, restaurants, shops and offices.
Household accessories supplied
The appliance can be enriched with other accessories and connected to the professional iron (optional) which is available on request

Power supply: 230v – 50Hz
Boiler working pressure: Adjustable 4-5 bar
Body in fireproof painted steel
Boiler cap with safety valve
Boiler resistance: 2000W
Approved boiler: 304 stainless steel
Pressure gauge
Swiveling wheels
Cable reel
Boiler drain
Dimensions: 36x50x43H cm
Weight: 6,5 Kg

UNILUX series accessories

UNILUX optional accessories:
Professional iron
Circular brass brush
Circular stainless steel brush
Circular nylon brush with hard bristles
Long nozzled
Curved nozzled

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